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Large Victorian Traveler Carpet Bag - Dark Gold

Reminiscent of vintage carpet bags used in the 1800s, this generous size bag is made using an elegant tapestry fabric in a beautiful dark gold Victorian design. Quality leather is used for the handles and two strap enclosures. Solid brass buckles adorn the top closure, while four brass feet are placed at each corner on the bottom. With a sturdy inner frame, your bag can last a lifetime with proper care. A stylish, yet versatile travel bag sure to draw attention and compliments. These bags were inspired by the movie "Tombstone" after the creators were extras in the film. Bag measures 19" wide x 17" tall x 7 1/2" deep and has a 10 oz. heavy duty purple canvas lining with 3 inside pockets. The leather shoulder strap is optional and sold separately, see below.

It's finally been released in the US! The new series, "Find Me in Paris", filmed in Paris, France, is about a young ballet dancer, Lena Grisky (played by Jessica Lord), who travels in time from 1905 to 2018, carrying this beautiful carpet bag. Season 1 is now available on Hulu. Check it out!  

Film Credits: Production Companies

  • Cottonwood Media
  • ZDF Enterprises
  • Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)

Dimensions: 19" wide x 17" tall x 7 1/2" deep

Note:  Optional leather shoulder strap is available for $20. See Carpetbag Leather Shoulder Strap.


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