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Jewelry Cleaning


We're so happy you chose Element Cottage jewelry to enhance your beautiful style and we would love to help you keep your pieces looking fabulous! First rule of thumb... "don't use chemical or commercial cleaners", as they can change the surface/finish of your piece. It's also best to remove your jewelry before swimming or exercising.

Over time, sterling silver will tarnish and oxidized (blackened) areas will fade. Rings and bracelets are under even more stress as their surfaces come in contact with everyday objects, unlike pendants and earrings.

Tip for Removing Tarnish:  As the majority of our pieces have a brushed or matte finish, we recommend cleaning your piece with a soft toothbrush dipped in baking soda (or white toothpaste) and water. Brush gently and blot dry with a soft cloth. Be careful using a polishing cloth by itself, as this can remove the matte finish and leave a brighter polish. If your piece has lost its brushed finish, see our video "How to Keep Your Jewelry Looking its Best" - coming soon!

We offer FREE cleaning for the life of your piece:

•  Need an oxidized piece touched up?
•  Light scratches removed?
•  Brushed finish restored or shiny finish polished?

    Just send us an email at or use our CONTACT FORM and type Cleaning or Repairs in the subject line and let us know what you need so we can determine if we can help you. Then mail us your piece and we'll pay to ship it back to you (first class shipping for US residents only). International customers are responsible for return shipping, however, we will do our best to keep your cost as low as possible.


    If you have a piece that's in need of repair, please contact us and we'll do our best to get your EC piece back in tip top shape. Depending on the nature of your repair (broken chain, lost stone, cracked glass, etc.), there may be a fee. If you experience a malfunction (so to speak) in a piece you just purchased, you have 14 business days to return it. Please contact us right away and we'll fix it for free.

    Remember... don't send your items in an envelope. Protect your piece in bubble wrap and a small box!