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June 03, 2015 1 min read

Earring Display Board made by Paul GillMeet Paul Gill. Paul is an artisan out of Phoenix, Arizona. His Phoenix studio, Logical Woodworks, was named by him to convey the importance of logical craftsmanship, and the role it plays in the beauty of a designed object. His knowledge, experience, and passion for meticulous and detailed woodworking is very apparent in each handcrafted piece that comes from his shop. It is his mission to reconnect people with the furniture they use every day. He takes pride in making sure his clients are informed about where the materials come from and what processes are used to craft a piece into a durable and timeless heirloom. Pieces by Paul Gill’s studio, Logical Woodworks are custom pieces and are all built entirely in house. Everything from doors, drawers, turned items and solid carvings are all built completely by the artisan himself. So what you get is a final product that goes together properly and will last for the rest of your life.

Paul created our Earring Display Boards (pictured above) that hold several earring cards and can be used at festivals and for our wholesale clients. Thanks Paul!

Update Sept 29, 2017:  Paul has closed his Logical Woodworks business and is currently working on his own projects, which doesn't leave him room for additional work at this time.

Susan Rice
Susan Rice

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