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by Susan Rice April 23, 2015

Photo Shoot with Kurt Gearhart

Meet Kurt Gearhart. Kurt has been flying since 1977. He graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1978 and worked as an engineer until entering pilot training in 1979. He remained in the Air Force until 1992 acquiring over 2500 hours in the T-37 and F-16. He has been flying for a major airline for over 20 years and currently resides in and helps manage Stellar Airpark in Chandler, Arizona. He is an avid photographer and videographer and enjoys flying a Boeing Stearman and Glasair II aircraft that he shares with other partners. He continues to promote aviation as a Young Eagle pilot and organizer, a program established by the Experimental Aircraft Association to provide free rides to kids 8-17 years of age.

A huge thank you to Kurt for allowing us to use his 1943 Stearman Bi-plane in our photo shoot to promote our Victorian Carpetbags and select jewelry pieces. His kindness went above and beyond and a few of us even got to experience what it’s like to to ride in an open cockpit. See additional images below taken by Kurt from his plane. A wonderful afternoon at Stellar Airpark. Thanks so much Kurt!

Jaida flying with Kurt

Rachel flying with Kurt

Pictured at the top is Jaida Tabron, our photographer’s daughter. She was so excited to fly and as a Young Eagle, she received her first log book. I think we may have a future pilot here! Pictured on the bottom is Rachel Tabron of Araya Photography, who is responsible for some great images you may have already seen on our website. Thanks Rachel!

Susan Rice
Susan Rice

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